Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ready to Go

I have finally finished my packing for The Gambia, which has not been the easiest task. Packing for two years is tough, but I think I managed to bring everything I really need without exceeding my baggage weight limits... I guess I'll see for sure when I get to the airport.

This past weekend has been family-filled and emotion-filled. I am relieved that I am finally ready to go, I am sad to be leaving my family for so long, and I am extremely excited to begin my newest adventure. It is a very complex mix of emotions. Tomorrow, I travel to DC and meet the other Peace Corps volunteers in my group. I am looking foward to finally meeting them. We will spend 2 and 1/2 days in DC in our "staging" period. Then we fly out on Wendsday. I should be arriving in Gambia around 5:45 on Thursday... that's Gambian time. (4 hours ahead of east coast time... that's 6 hours ahead of all of my Colorado friends)

I will update this blog as opportunites arise. I hope it will end up being a good way to keep in touch with everyone and share things like my photos.

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Kelly said...

Hey Kristy:

I hope this is the first message to greet you when you arive in Gambia and are able to access the internet. I hope you arrived safely and with not too much trouble. Enjoy your first few days before training! Hmm...first App now Africa. Amazing!
I love you.