Thursday, June 14, 2007

I made it!

After over 26 hours of travel through three different time zones, we made it into Gambia this evening around 6:00 (Gambian time). I saw the Sahara desert for the first time in my life from the airplane. It went on and on. I wasn't sitting near a window, but I would occasionally get up and check with a friend to see if the landscape had changed yet. For a while, each respose was simply "Yep, more sand." Lots and lots of sand. I wish I could describe what it felt like to look out the window and see the Atlantic coast of West Africa for the first time. We were all pressed against the windows like kids at a zoo. It was very beautiful. We had a group of Peace Corps staff and volunteers meet us at the airport, which really made a potentially stressful situation very easy. They were all extremely helpful and very friendly. We are staying in the Kombo area for the next week, right down the street from the embassy, which is where I am sending this email from. In our compound, I have already seen a ton of beautiful birds, geckos, and other small lizards. This is such a colorful country. And good news for me... it's mango season right now... I just heard a loud pound from the roof which I was told was a mango falling from one of the various trees. I'll have to go searching for a ripe one tomorrow! I couldn't use the phone cards I brought, so it will have to be email until I get a new one... but I am safe and well (just tired)! We will be staying in this area until Monday, when we will go to our training villages. I probably won't be online much during that time period, but I will send updates as soon as I am able!


Rian said...

Yay!!! So glad to hear you made it safely! I can't wait until you can upload some pics of that colorful country. We miss you already and love you lots & lots!! Love, Rian

Eric said...

I’m glad you made it safely!! Can’t wait to see some pictures!!
love you!

Sarah said...

Glad you're safe and sound in the Gambia! Looking forward to seeing some pics. We finally found some North Carolina postcards today...will drop them in the mail soon. I still can't believe the Virginia welcome center didn't have any :) By the way, I'm loving the blog already...this is going to be great! Love you bunches.

Aunt Doris said...

So excited for you and proud of you! Enjoy and work hard. The Bilodeaus will all be thinking of you. We love you.

Aunt Doris

mom said...

hi kristy
got my google account set high tech. love ya and glad you are there safe and sound.
hi from libby and deborah too.
love mom