Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not much to post today... in fact, I have to hurry back to a bike training session. Yes, I will be getting a bike... I can't wait. And like everything else with the Peace Corps... I'm sure most of the session will be an OVER STATEMENT of how to be safe. We've spent a lot of time on safety and security, but I'm glad we have. I'd rather be too prepared than not enough. I would like to say this though. If anyone is thinking of sending a care package, I would love anything that might be considered "comfort food," like the packets of soup that you just have to add water to make chicken noodle soup... or some crackers. I would kill for a saltine cracker right now. It's funny, I loved the food when I first got here, but now it's started to get a little rough on the digestive system. Simple food would be good to have... granola bars are also hard to come by. So that's it... Next time I post will be from the bush!


Charlie Oborny said...

Hello Kristy,
Our son Josiah (Jo) is in your PCT group and didn't have time to set up his blog spot before leaving for D.C. However, it sounds like you're both studying the same language- so maybe that means you're heading to the same region on Friday! Stay healthy, be careful, and enjoy the people. The Obornys

Eric said...


It’s been great seeing other people in your group’s blog, especially the pictures that you are in, like Blair’s blog.

Would you mind posting a wish list of anything you can think of that you would love to have sent to you? Food, clothing, batteries, or my person favorite... Gadgets. I have your address as:

Kristy Campbell, PCV
U.S. Peace Corps
PO Box 582
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa

“include the words "Airmail" and "Par Avion" on any mail you send”

Send via Air mail

--Love, Eric

Aunt Doris said...

In case you see this early, Happy Birthday!!!