Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I made it to D.C. yesterday afternoon and finally met the rest of my group. There are 19 of us in all. We are all education volunteers... either primary teacher trainers, secondary science and math teachers (like myself), or ITC teachers. We come from all over the country and from all different backgrounds. Most of the group are in their early or mid 20's, a few are like myself, and a few are quite a bit older. I'm really poor at judging ages, but I'm pretty sure that at least two of my fellow volunteers are old enough to have grown children, but I haven't gotten to know them well enough yet to know whether they do or not. After our training yesterday, we split into groups and went out for food and to check out D.C. a bit. Some people had never been here before, so we might do a little sight-seeing this evening. Before that, however, we have 12 fun-filled hours of very cold air-conditioning to look forward to (I didn't pack many warm clothes... I didn't take this weekend of "luxury" into consideration). I guess I should be thankful for it while I still have it.

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Eric said...


Looks like a great group. Enjoy D.C. and enjoy the AC. Keep up the posts as often as possible!!