Friday, June 15, 2007

Correction to yesterday's blog: I was not emailing from the American embassy... it was the Peace Corps headquarters. They both happen to be on the same street though. Right now, we are back at PC headquarters just putting some items in the safe... then I go for my interview, where they will begin to determine which job I will be assigned to. I have met many Peace Corps Volunteers so far, and many PC employees as well. I went for a run this morning with two other PC trainees, and we were joined by two gambians... just running down the road in their flip-flops. It kind of made me laugh at myself to think of how I've spent so much time and money on all of my sports/outdoor "gear." These guys just need flip-flops. We will continue with our series of immunizations today (Oh BOY!), and other activities as well...


Kelly said...

Hey Kristy,
I did a post but it was deleted because my google account expired so I'm responding to this email instead. This is the best email yet and seems like the perfect first experience in africa. I lol at the thought of you running in Gambia with the couple locals running alongside you with flip-flops on!!!lol Really, a great first experience and look at life in Africa. I am happy you made it safe. I can't wait to see an actual picture of Africa even if it is of sand!!
Love you much

Scott said...

I hope you didn't let them beat you! I am so glad to hear you are there and a happy, we are praying for you! Hope your rock out those interviews today. Love you.

Your Bro,

April said...

Hey Kristy!! So glad you made it there!! I am sure you are fitting right in and enjoying every minute!! I loved the haircut! I am looking forward to the many wonderful pictures of Gambia!! I can only imangine the beauty!! I hope you have a wonderful experience.